Topic: Multiface II problem, Win 7 - 64 = crash AND no surround sound

I have been working for over 3 weeks on this problem.  I had this audio set-up in my old computer - a Gigabyte board with a Phenom 9850 AMD chip, running Sonar 8.5 64 bit - no problems - it was beautiful  (not perfect - but great).  when the MOBO went and I did a Win 7 upgrade, I have used 2 different MOBOs,  a Gigbyte and ECS.  BOTH gave me major troubles and I finally had to take the computer in to the shop. 

NOW - it is working BUT - when I work with video, the machine ends up crashing at some point.   This is not good since I do work with film on this computer.   HOWEVER - what is more disturbing it that Windows will not allow me to access all 5.1 channels of the Multiface.  It will only allow me 3 channels.

Can anyone help?