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Topic: Multiface II not working after XP reinstall

hi guys,

i tried to seek some help in google but I had no success so far so I hope someone will be able to help me here....

I re-installed from scratch Win XP on my IBM R52 laptop. I have been using a MultifaceII with it for 4 years with no single problem.
Now, after re-installing window the cardbus will not be detected by the computer, and installing the drivers does not helps, the breakout box has alway the "error" red light lit and there is no way to have it working. Neither Ableton Live nor Cubase are "seeing" the RME HDSP Driver.

I can'f find any PCMCIA drivers on the IBM website, it just states that the PCMCIA driver is included in the OS.

Any ideas how could I proceed?


EDIT: some infos on my system maybe could help...
IBM R52 laptop, Intel Centrino 1.86
1.5 GB RAM
RME Multiface II w/cardbus