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Topic: Audio stops when inserting CD into optical drive

Almost every time I insert a CD into the optical drive the FFUC stops outputting audio. No audio can be heard from any application. TotalMix shows no signals. It occurs with both audio & data CDs.

To restore sound I have to:
1. Turn FFUC off/on.

But since this doesn?t always work, I sometimes have to:

2. Re-start computer.

When importing CDs I have to constantly un-plug the USB cable when inserting CDs. But sometimes this doesn?t work & I have to either turn off/on the FFUC, or restart the computer.

When the FFUC is not outputting audio I can select it in Audio/MIDI preferences, but after I close the preference window there is still no sound. Re-opening the Audio/MIDI preferences show that the FFUC has been de-selected again.

All of this is really interrupting my workflow. Plus this will prevent me from importing audio from the optical drive while performing ?something that does occasionally happen.

I've been a long time Multiface I user. Started with the PCMCIA card & moved on to the expresscard. I recently got a Fireface UC, & am exploring its strengths & weaknesses.

MacBook Pro 4,1 (15-inch Early 2008) non-uni-body
OS X: 10.5.8

Latest drivers:
Mac 1.30
Flash 102

I sent an email to RME support on March 3, but have not received a response. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Audio stops when inserting CD into optical drive

Updated to Snow Leopard 10.6.4
Using latest drives & flash updater from download page

Now when I insert an optical disc when audio is playing through the FFUC I get audio drop out, but then the audio continues. This is a definite improvement.