Topic: bluescreen on Windows7 - fireface 800


I get lots of bluescreens on my MSI gx720.
Especially if I run my DAW (Record or Live) and streaming audio from youtube/myspace at the same time.

I have been having lots of problems and wonder weather the solution is to get either a Macbook pro or a fireface UC.
I have read that the handling of firewire audio has been completely rewritten by microsoft for windows7, is this supposed to get stable after a while?

1 more thing: My laptop only has firewire 400 port, will that act as a bottleneck?

Thanks for your time smile

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Re: bluescreen on Windows7 - fireface 800

that laptop is not know to work well for audio have you tried flashing the bios?
have you tried legacy firewire?

Re: bluescreen on Windows7 - fireface 800


No, I have not tried flashing the BIOS.
Are you saying this laptop is especially bad for audio? If so, I sell it immediately and try to find a secondhand Macbook Pro.

Do you know if this laptop is using TI chipset? 

Thank you!

Re: bluescreen on Windows7 - fireface 800

So, should I sell my MSI GX720 2.53ghz quadcore intel extreme with 7200rph HD to get a macbook?

I need to decide before buying Windows 7, Im still on RC...(no that is not the bluescreens im talking about)