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Hi there

I think I have a problem with my Fireface 800.
It doesn't switch on anymore and i believe the switching power supply is dead.
I have contacted the local distributor and they said I should send the unit to Rome first, then they will send it to Germany and finally wait for a quote from RME. This would mean lots of time and money.

Can I buy directly the switching power supply from the guys at RME? or maybe someone can suggest an easier and quicker way to fix the interface?


Re: fireface switching power supply

Why not look at the Power Supply's Specs & just buy something similar ?
nothing special about it.

Re: fireface switching power supply

this is the point... I don't know its specs and apparently it's hard to find out.
I've opened the unit but I can not see anything significant written on the switching power supply.
If you or anybody else could give me help on this would be much appreciated.
I'm stuck at the moment and can not carry on my work.

Kind Regards

Re: fireface switching power supply

Take your FF800 to elcetronic repair service (you can do it yourself if you have experience with precise soldering and time to do it very caerfully - polarity!!) to replace electrolytic condensers in the power supply unit. Elkos are the most critical (time unstable) electronic elements.

When elkos replaced, at first CHECK voltages of all power supply sections. Take a look at my posts approx one month ago where those voltages are stated. I think +5V for DAC and FW interface, +12V and -12V for preamps and +50V for phantom power. DO NOT CONNECT PSU to motherboard before you check polarity and voltages of the PSU -> you can totally destroy your FF800.

I also have a list of PSU elkos (unfortunately not here but I can post it tomorrow). Total cost of all elkos is not worth to mention.