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Topic: Fireface 800 is causing big DPC spikes in Win 7 .. PLEASE HELP!

Hi , I hope someone can help me out with this please ...

I'm getting High DPC spikes that are causing my audio to pop/cutout,
There coming from the Fireface 800, when i turn it off the spikes drop down to zero! and sound is solid! ...
But obviously I need the Fireface running the audio of my DAW.  rant

Ive been using DPC latency checker to see this

I have also checked all the other devices in the device menu and it appears the fireface is the only problem. ?

I'm using win7 ultimate, Rme fireface 800 with a Lacie [TI chip] firewire800 card to connect it.

I had the same set up working perfectly with win XP and win 7 RC, So it may be a confliction with the new win 7 drivers ?

I'm using the legacy driver for the FF , and all other drivers seem to be up to date.

The strange thing is it seems to happen more frequently when running audio from a media player or traktor then it does in cubase 5 [legit]

Anyone else had similar problems ???