Topic: Optimal Windows 7 & Bios Settings for UC

Was wondering if there were any optimal windows 7 64 bit or Bios settings for the UC (driver .938).  I know settings may depend on computer setup but I've had several crashes (laptop freeze, hard reset) with the UC connected to my Dell laptop in the middle of Cubase sessions running at 512 samples.  The only other items connected to the laptop are the Steinberg key and a usb mouse.


Dell Inspiron 1464
Intel i3
Cubase Essential 4.5.2
Toontrack Superior 2.2

Re: Optimal Windows 7 & Bios Settings for UC

I don't think there is any bios setting that will help you. you have some good specs i don't know why you are having these issues. I have win 7 64 and cubase and didn't have any freeze but I noticed a few quirks, probable because i am undervolting which i shouldn't do.
i would try to disable all other programs running in background. especially dell's stuff.