Topic: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to try a Fireface 400 with the new Macbook Pro which was released last week (13 April 2010)?

I'm desperately wanting to know BEFOREHAND whether the MacBook Pro/FF400 combination definitely works. A MBP costs $3000+!

Thanks for any advice.


Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

I'm also wondering about this -- I'm buying a new 15" Macbook Pro (despite its un-Pro lack of the ExpressCard slot) and wanting to know whether to get the Fireface 400 or the UC.

Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

I tested MBP i7 with Fireface 400 and UC. Perhaps anything no problem :-)

Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

Thanks -- which would you recommend, especially with audio files on external FireWire hard drives?

Does the FF400 work with bus power on the MBP?

Also, the RME TechInfo site on FireWire linked from the FF400 page says, "Working FireWire 800 solution".  Is that true for the FF400, or only for the FF800? 

Thanks for any info on this.

Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?


> Firewire drives

Latest MBP models can use only one Firewire chip, because they haven't extra ExpressCard slot. It means there's a high risk for Fireface 400 with using other Firewire devices.
I can't suggest using Firewire drives with Fireface 400.

Why don't you select SSD option of MBP? :-)

> Bus power

I'm always using a power supply. I don't trust any Apple's Firewire bus power, except Mac Pro.
It's my belief... Please ask other guru.

> "Working FireWire 800 solution"

Mmm... I think maybe it means Fireface 400 can work with 800 port "by a 400<->800 cable or an attachment". Fireface 400 works under Firewire 400 format.

Is this some help for you?

Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

Thank you!  Looks like I'll go with the UC.  I'm still disappointed that I can't get the ExpressCard RME box with the new Macbook "Pro" ....

Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

Can anyone just confirm that the FF400 can be powered by the laptops' bus power? Im not asking if anyone has tested it extensively, just if it is supposed to work with a firewire400 to 800 cable...

Thanks guys, I really hope this works. I just ordered a new macbook pro because the FF400 wouldnt work with a core2duo laptop that I built!


Re: Does FF400 work with latest MacBook Pro?

Hi there.

I am using my FF400 (driver 2.91, firmware 1.70) with the newest Macbook Pro with i7 quad-core, 8GB of RAM and a 7200rpm HDD.
I am using a FW800-FW400 adapter. Bus power working with no problem. Haven't tried with phantoms yet.

I've noticed that the laptop has to be connected to power source though. If on battery, audio buffer set in DAW has to be at least 512, otherwise it crackles and clicks (a test session in Live with 8 stereo Kontakt instances and effects). When I switch to power supply, I can run the same session on buffer 96 with no problem...
It limits systems mobility but it's not that big deal for me.

Hope that helps.

Best regards