Topic: Driver Installaion Question.

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I am a happy MultifaceII owner and have just received a new DAW with Win7 64-bit installed. I will be using Sonar 8.5PE in 32-bit mode and usually use ASIO because I was unable to get WDM to work on my old system. 

I am unsure of which driver I require and require clarification before I install.

Although my MulticfaceII uses a Firewire cable, is the unit categorized as being HDSP?

If so, is the driver below the one I should use from this page?

WDM streaming driver for the whole Hammerfall DSP             Version 3.083,
System. WDM, WDM-KS, GSIF and ASIO for all HDSP              02/19/2010
and HDSPe cards

Also, will I still require my MultifaceII's installaion CD to instal total mix, or is this included in the driver installation?

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Re: Driver Installaion Question.

You only need driver 3.083 plus this info:

Matthias Carstens

Re: Driver Installaion Question.

Thank Matthias

It worked perfectly and the instructions were bang on. :-) cool