Topic: FF800 + logic + OSX = CORE crashes, my issue

Hi there,
gotta FF800 for years with the pain of redundant crashes as you guys, during CORE init (logic 8).
I'm pretty 'shure' there's nothing to go with rme driver as I could read somewhere, rather coming from Apple stuff.

Even After reinstall, crashes started again, n again.

I'd like you to test the following, cause this is actually working for me for several weeks now...

1/ Close every app first.

2/ Drag the Isight audio plugin to the Desktop for ex. Yes, the "Isight"..
(it's in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/iSightAudio.plugin )

3/ fire up your fireface

4/ launch logic

5/ close logic

6/ off your fireface

....and ?

If this work for you, you can then safely drag back the f..g isight plugin.

Now, I'm happier than I've ever did, hopefully this work for you as well.

Remember this worked for my setup : Tiger 10.4.11 (yes, I'm still tiger, but when something works...) on intel dualCore macbook pro, logic pro 8 (still, again...)

Please gimme your feedbacks, and sorry for my english (I'm just a frog)

Cheers, and thanks RME for the lovely FF.
(In the case of new crashes series, I'll tell you then, hopefully no..)

Re: FF800 + logic + OSX = CORE crashes, my issue

just tried it - doesnt work for me (brb, reboot)