Topic: FF400 Input 1 LED Flashing

Hi guys

I have just had my RME FF400 sent back to me.  I had it sent out to RME in Germany on the warranty as I was having issues with Input 1.  The LED light constantly flashes.  They sent it back to me saying they could not find anything wrong with it, I have it back, plugged it in and the problem is still there.

Maybe it is something my end but I cannot figure what?  I just tried plugging in the power and nothing else (not even connected to my Macbook Pro) and the light still flashes.  I am using the same power supply I got with it and what they used to test it with.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Re: FF400 Input 1 LED Flashing

Which LED is flashing? Do you mean the yellow IN 1 (MIDI) on the right side of the front panel? If so, that's most likely coming from a MIDI device, not the unit.

If you mean the SIG LED on Mic input 1, then you probably have the gain cranked up on the channel. Turn it down when not in use.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.