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Hi! New FF UC user here.

There seems to be a tiny little problem with the current drivers. In almost all of my applications, clicking the "Show Control Panel" has no effect. It should show the Fireface USB Settings window. It is not a big deal, and it may even be by design or limitation (?).

I run Windows 7 64-bit, but most my audio apps are 32-bit. I have both 32 and 64-bit versions of Pianoteq installed, and sure enough, the 64-bit version does pop up the control panel, but the 32-bit version does not. The only other app I have in both versions is Toontrack Solo, but that app does not provide a "Show Control Panel" option.


Re: Control Panel does not pop up

So, no response on this whatsoever. Know problem? Expected behavior? Should I reinstall? Anything?

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I'm pretty sure this isn't an RME issue - instead has to do with how the host app is trying to call the RME control panel.  You can still access the FF UC control panel directly, correct?


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Re: Control Panel does not pop up

Sure, I can access it directly. That's why it's not really a problem per se. But it is not working as it should, obviously. Whether it is an RME issue or not, I wouldn't know. But seeing as all apps (except the one 64-bit app I have) work the same way (or rather don't work), my guess would be that it is an RME problem or a Microsoft problem smile

I just wanted to know if it is a know problem, and to be expected, or if something is wrong with my installation.

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I too have this "problem". Am a new RME user. By the way, how does one open the fireface control panel "directly"?

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Re: Control Panel does not pop up

In the notification area there are two RME icons: TotalMix and Fireface Settings. Just click on the Fireface Settings icon.