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After having updating my driver to the last version (1.40) and applying the revision 111's firmware, my fireface UC produces crackling noises, like very regular ones. Basically everything sounds like one an old vinyl ...
However it says that the update was a success.
AP mode.
my laptop :
2.53 GHz Intel core 2 duo MacBookPro
I have a gig tomorow !!!!
any ideas ?


Re: crackling noises

Try version 1.45:

Otherwise I expect you to have Parallels or Vmware installed, or changed something in your configuration that disturbs USB audio transfers.

Matthias Carstens

Re: crackling noises

it works fine.

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Re: crackling noises

Hi .
I have the same problem sad:(:( but in windows 7 home premium 64bit ( i7 2.66 ram 8gb )... please tell me what I have to do to don't have that noises ???
firmware is 111 ...

RME: FireFace UC , Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) , iPad Air .

Re: crackling noises

Hi MC,My UC also produces crackling noises(0.938/111) in win7 64bit.when i play songs via Windows Media Player it happens.

Do U mean,we can also install Babyface's lastest driver for UC?

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