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Topic: Need help with setup. Cubase 5 / FF800

FF800, Windows 7, 64 bit

For the love of God, I just can't seem to figure how to reliably set the channels in Cubase 5.5 up in order to be able to have sound inside Cubase AND Windows Media Player or WinAmp at the same time.

I think I know how to set up the loopback in order to record sound from outside of Cubase but well, I need to have sound first.

Where do I have to advise the channels to the software?
In the device manager insid Cubase? Which channels?
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I have no idea why.

Anyone care enough to help me, please?
Getting desperate.

Re: Need help with setup. Cubase 5 / FF800

Multi-Client support is described in the manual on page 28. Only one software can use an ASIO device at the same time. This means you have to disable an ASIO device (stereo output pair) in the Cubase ASIO setup dialog and assign this device in the Windows audio setup as standard playback device. Other Windows apps, like Media Player or Winamp, will use this device.

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