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Topic: RME Fireface 800 Issue

So I purchased a RME FF 800 through the classifieds on Gearslutz, and got it in yesterday. After trouble shooting I realized the FW400 slot does not work (it seems a little loose), but functions perfectly through the FW800 ports. I tested the FW400 on a windows laptop, 2 MBP's and a Mac Pro with various firewire cables and it was a no go. The seller had not used the FW400 and so had no idea of this. I want to be clear that the seller has given me great communication and is offering to take it as a return.

It is a truly great interface, and a huge upgrade from my current Focusrite Saffire 40, but I wonder if the FW800 ports will continue to function. So is the FW400 thing a big deal? Really using the 800 port is fine by me assuming it does not fail suddenly. RME users please chime in here as the seller being an honest guy has offered to take it as a return, and I want to be sure before saying yes or no to the unit, and also as quickly as possible to be fair. I am inclined to keep it, but want a bit of input before a final decision.

Re: RME Fireface 800 Issue

I'd like to know the answer to this one since I 've been using the FW 400 port in error for the past year.  Is there a quality issue or is it simply speed of transfer?  Sorry Operaman - don't mean to hijack your thread.

Re: RME Fireface 800 Issue

I should perhaps clarify. The FF800 is not recognized over the FW400, but is fine as FW800. I use a TI firewire chipset, did not hotswap, etc. My question is if I just use the FW800 will it effect functionality at all (i.e. will the 800 port eventually fail as well?) I figure the answer is probably it will continue to work fine, but want to be sure...

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Re: RME Fireface 800 Issue

Have you tried a different FW400 cable?
I seem to remember that there was a batch of FF800s a long time ago, that shipped with broken cables.

I had the same issue when i bought my FF800 back in 2007.
Got a new cable, and all was fine.

Maybe worth a shot.

Edit: you have already tried that.. missed that in your initial post.. sorry :-)