Topic: Pt 9le / Ff800


I've done a bit of searching and still can't determine if PT 9 LE will work on my FF800.

I started out with PT 6 / Digi001 on my old G4 Dual 533 Mac about 9 years ago, but really got pissed with AVID for their insistence on you being locked in to their products.

I've had my FF800 and Logic for around 2 1/2 years now and still find logic a bit of a struggle (no flame war intended), particularly since I do more Audio than midi.

I think there are probably two points to make,

1, I think it's true that you are better adapted to the system you were brought up on, hence seems like it maybe now be possible to use PT on my FF800.

2, I really do IMHO think that Logic is better suited to midi and PT is more for Audio.

So, are there any early adopters or does anyone know if PT will work on my FF800?



Re: Pt 9le / Ff800

Sure, PT9 works with any CoreAudio device in Mac OS, or ASIO device in Windows. We ran it on the booth at AES, and I just finished installing on my older Macbook Pro with a Babyface prototype. smile

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.