Topic: Using TotalMix FX with control surface + a few other questions

Hi There

I am about to purchase a UFX and have it currently on order.

It is important that I can control the levels for each of my inputs using my Mackie MCU Pro control surface.

My question is - is it possible to move the input channels around (ie change the order they appear in TotalMix FX) so that the FIRST 8 inputs are the ones that are controlled by the 8 faders of my Mackie MCU?

I need four mic inputs, two line inputs, and then the optical digital input and the AES digital input to be my first eight input channels, and hence controllable by the 8 faders.

Would love any info on this that you can provide.

Or better still, is it possible to download TotalMix FX so I can try the interface myself? (I have done this for the Metric Halo 2882 and am impressed with their mixer interface, very keen to do a comparison...)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



Re: Using TotalMix FX with control surface + a few other questions

While it is not possible to change the order it is still possible to control all the channels that you list. With Mackie Protocol you can shift the 8 channel block under control in steps of one channel. If you move it so that it starts with channel 7 you get 'two line inputs, four mic inputs, the AES' and that is 8 already, so including the optical one is impossible...

Matthias Carstens