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Hi there,

I am looking to create a Fireface 800 rig for use with Boom Recorder that can either be used on location using a 2.66ghz, 4gb ram dual core Macbook Pro 15" (no express card) + two Focusrite Octopre's for up to 26 Analogue inputs. I would also like to be able to chain a Lacie Rugged drive via FW 800 to this setup.

I would also like to be able to expand this system to 52 inputs, by using two FF800's + four Octopre's connecting the FF800's via separate firewire cables to a Mac Pro (quad or 8 core, depends on my budget).

My question is, will these two options be viable regarding cpu usage and bandwidth on the firewire bus?

* my reason firstly for wanting to use two FF800's opposed to a MADI system is firstly my laptop does not have an express card slot, and secondly, the second FF800 can act as a backup for when on location in tough environments.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I am also up for suggestions of using a different rme system to be able to use between 8 and 56 inputs depending on the job.


Re: Two FF800 and ADAT

I have a FF800 running with two Octopre LE's without any troubles. All going through FW400.

I think if you use two FF800's, each with it's own FW cable, you will have some sync problems.


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I've run just such a setup - not using octopres, but equivalent - and on a PC, not Mac - so its certainly doable. You'll need 6 way wordclock distribution though.

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I was going to use master clock sync from a Sound Devices 744t.

Is it possible to loop WC through the FF800. ie  SD 744t WC out> FF800 #1 WC in - FF800 #1 WC out > FF800 #2 WC in ?

or is the FF800 word out disabled when set to auto sync ?