Topic: FF800 clicks only on playback

Hello everyone!

I have this little issue and I would like to understand it better...
So first I have a dell laptop (bad bad bad I know) with
core i7 720QM, 4Gb DDR3 1333Mhz ram, 300 Gb 7200rpm hard drive, TI chipset firewire 800 card. windows 7 64bits.

I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL recording multiple tracks, but clicks appear randomly on playback only, in different conditions...

I have read a few posts already and tried some things (IRQ conflicts, disactivating other devices, trying to change latency...).
Sometimes I had the feeling clicks disappeared, but next day they were back again.

So i would like to clearly understand what can cause clicks ONLY on playback, excluding it on recording.

I tried all outs separately, even phones out, the clicks are always there (third row in total mix). I tried all playbacks too (second row in total mix).

I have the feeling that increasing latency reduces those clicks, yesterday I had no clicks at all at 512 samples.

If you think this problem has already been discussed and solved, you can send me forum links to read, i know I'm not the first one with that problem but I didn't find a clear solution, and most people have clicks on recording too, due to the firewire chipset in most cases.

Re: FF800 clicks only on playback

You could start with, post #3.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs