Topic: Asio settings dont come up under windows

Hi, just got a fireface UC, love it so far on my macbook pro
works great so far under OSX
no issues yet

but i unfortunately have to boot to windows for my friends live project to use a few plugins
the sound glitches a little bit

I'm using Reaper for this set, but i have Ableton live installed also on that partition just to test a few things.

basically, adjusting the buffer size in reaper seems to do nothing, and that options completely disabled (greyed out) in ableton
both have a button to display an audio preferences dialog

when i click this button
in Reaper.. the dialog box sometimes comes up
in Ableton.. it never comes up!

is there any other way to launch this?

thanks for your time

Re: Asio settings dont come up under windows

ok found. i just made a shortcut to "firefaceusb.exe" and put it on my desktop big_smile
weird that the inbuilt sequencer link to this doesnt work, but i think i've had similar things happen before with other soundcards, no biggy

Re: Asio settings dont come up under windows

There is an icon in the system tray (near the clock), you don't need the shortcut. As for glitching, check this thread:

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.