Topic: Input in LEFT Channel only in Cubase/nuendo


I had a Fireface UC delivered today.... Pluged it in, connected it to the PC, installed driver from the CD... I'm using Windows Vista, Nuendo 2, Dual Core, 3 GB rAM, Realtek onboard sound (Disabled).

I have used the preset 1 in total mix....

In Nuendo I have ticked DM in VST options and selected Fireface UC ASIO. DM is also ticked in Total mix.


I'm only getting left signial for the input. In VST connections Stereo 1: L - 1 Analog 1 and R: 2 Analog 2.

The guitar is plugged into Line/Mic 1 and there is a signal in input 1 in total mix... This translates to 1 Analog 1 in the connections screen so I am only getting a L channel signal.

I have read the manual but this is very different to the last card I used... Any tips on how to get this set up please and how to understand the matrix?

Many thanks...

Any help appreciated.


Re: Input in LEFT Channel only in Cubase/nuendo

I don't quite understand the problem... This is a mono signal... You could try configuring a mono bus in Cubendo.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs