Topic: Hiss on channel 2

Dear all,
help! I noticed that in the fireface 800 I use at the university there is a continuous hiss on the
second output channel (on the backside). Only on that channels, the other channels work perfectly.

The sound arrives to the loudspeaker normally, but with the hiss.

When the loudspeaker is connected the hiss starts even if no sound is delivered.

I tried also with a different type of loudspeaker and with a different cable, so I have to conclude
that it is a problem of the fireface ;-(

I recently installed the last version of the drivers if this can help. The problem is that I never experienced
this problem before, even if I have to say that it was long time that I did not use that soundcard (indeed I
have another fireface 800, and I normally use that one).

Which can be the reason for this? What can I do?

Thanks in advance

All the best

Re: Hiss on channel 2

Try looping output 2 back into e.g. input 4 (to avoid feedback) with a balanced cable. Do you see a higher noisefloor at the input compared to other channels? If yes, the unit may need repair.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs