Topic: Linux Audio with dual HDSP 9632

Hi everybody!

I've got one already and I would still buy a second card.
Would it be possible to use them?
Have anyone tried this?

Re: Linux Audio with dual HDSP 9632

I found this site where they explain how to configure two 9652's. … el_devices

I am hoping that the kernel does not swap the device number at every reboot.
To synchronize the two cards, I would use an amazing handmade quad ch. ADC via two spdif/toslink/aes lines. The HDSPConf (SyncCheck) looks to be always in lock state.

The current board has also AIO expansions. I've modified it with better OpAmps and it would be nice to see, if possible with the two boards to remove the output expansion (HDSPMixer bug).

Re: Linux Audio with dual HDSP 9632

I am using two 9652's, no problem. You need Jack2 because of its implentation of "audioadapter". It's not really hasslefree, especially if you work at double speed. I've automated my workflow with sripts, as described here: … pic=3230.0
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