Topic: Babyface under Linux (Debian jessie)

Hi there,

Sorry if this question/post was already posted somewhere else here on this forum but I couldn't find the exact match with my problem.

I'm about to acquire a good external sound card for home recording and someone pointed me to the RME Babyface.

Since I'm a linux user, I've been digging forums to check the compatibility of BF with my system before to pay for an expensive device.

First issue: my Debian is the testing Jessie version (so it's not the stable kernel).
Current Kernel is:  3.16.2-031602-generic.

I've understood that BF should work out of the box in Class Compliant mode. What does that mean, exactly? Are there any issues about input signal latency when recording?
Another related question to this is: do I need to compile/package/install the RT Kernel? Or apply some patches to the kernel (please, keep in mind that my kernel is not the stable version but a testing one)?

By the way, I could also take into consideration the option to pass to the stable branch (Debian wheezy with stable kernels).

Many thanks in advance!!!

Re: Babyface under Linux (Debian jessie)

Class Compliant mode means that with any kind of recent computer, your card will be recognized and is able to work. But that doesn't mean that the card will have the same specs as when you would install the drivers. Then, you need to be careful that there aren't some values which you can change only with the proprietary software, like gain, 48V ... 
I use a behringer 8 ch soundcard in cc-mode for my theater work, i took care that every important parameters are accessible in the "real" world.
RT-Kernel or not depends on your utilisation, you can start with the stock-kernel and try out...