Topic: Alsa and Arch linux RME HDSPe MADI Issues

Ive recently installed Arch linux onto a Dell Server, the server runs a RME HDSPe MADI card. Im using Alsa and i dont want to use anything else i know it is fully supported but im running into a few issues. The main issue is i can play wav files using aplay but it seems to be playing in fast forward, a skipping strange speed. Also to confirm that, i ran a YouTube video and the entire video ran in fast forward about 2 seconds to 1 real second.
Also the card is showing a solid red LED on the back. I am using the standard drivers alsa has allocated. Im wondering if i need to setup an ~/.asoundrc file which i dont have currently as i have struggled to get it to work correctly. The alsamixer has various settings which i have adjusted single and double speed with no results. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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Re: Alsa and Arch linux RME HDSPe MADI Issues

If you really want to run sound under linux, then I'd suggest using UbuntuStudio (14.10). It is designed from the ground up to handle the type of situation you are describing. I have see that problem myself (when running standard ubuntu 13.04), and when I did a fresh install of UbuntuStudio 14.10 everything just worked (well mostly ***). It auto installs HDSPmixer, HDSPloader and HDSPconf for you. Although you say you are using Alsa and dont want to use anything else, that is a little like saying you only want to use machine code and punch cards on a modern day computer.

I use only Linux and OpenSource Software. MY setup allows me to record a live band in my studio using 16 simultaneous inputs from to 8 channel light pipe mic-preamps. I also have midi live recording and playback So it can be done. Here is how I do it :

UbuntuStudio 14.10
Install Jack2 Sound Daemon
install pulseaudio-module-jack (allows Jack to pipe in and out of pulse audio that controls sound for normal desktop operations such as youtube)
start QjackCTL, go into settings and the far tab and enable Dbus (which enables jack source and jack sync for pulse)

In my general settings I use my HDSP card for inputs but set my motherboard's sound card for output. You can use the HDSP for both if you need

Then test in youtube. Works for me.

I also run Ardor 3.5 and can record and playback in realtime with no fast forward issues that I used to have before.

*** the only thing that does not work are channels 34 - 36 on my rayDAT card (AES/SPIDF input and output) but they do not work in windows either, as it may be an issue with my motherboard and/or power supply)