Topic: Open file at hdspmixer startup

I'm using ladish for all my projects now, which works great, and it opens hdspmixer for the sessions with my RME multiface (run command: hdspmixer).
Now how can I open a mix file? hdspmixer /home/user/file doesn't work, and none of the options availables seem to do the job.

Re: Open file at hdspmixer startup

I am not in my studio right now but if i remember well, typing the correct file name (with the path) loads the file, but browsing for it doesn't. Try this.

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Re: Open file at hdspmixer startup

thank you,
i'm not shure i understand what you mean:
when I type:

hdspmixer /home/user/file.mix

in a terminal or in ladish, it runs mixer but not with the preset file.mix. When I "open with" file.mix and select hdspmixer, same. I have to select file in hdspmixer to load it.
any idea?