Topic: Digicheck 5.80

Hadnt seen this posted on the forums, but 5.80 is on the download page … icheck.php

Differences to v 4.53: EBU R-128 Meter. Surround Audio Scope with ITU weighting. Simultaneous usage of multiple cards in all functions. Displays fully configurable (e.g. channel selection). Multichannel Level Meter freely configurable. MMCSS for Vista. Many improvements on surface and internal operation. Supports all current cards plus DIGI 9636/52. DIGI32 series and DIGI96 series are no longer supported. (09/12/2014).


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Re: Digicheck 5.80

The only difference to before is added support for the Babyface Pro, so no reason to post something on the forum...

Matthias Carstens