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I think we need a "beginners" section in this forum. Maybe we could call it "The Basics".
I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it when they first start to learn Total Mix FX etc.
RME has great products and more and more musicians are recording at home. That means that people with less technical understanding will be exploring your products (like me). It would be great to have a place in this form for the beginners. Super easy and clear.
Just a thought.

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Ever looked at pinned articles of "tips & tricks" and "Totalmix" forum ?

In regards to Totalmix this leads you to a Youtube video from synthax, where Totalmix is explained nicely in a structured way.

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Re: "The Basics" for this forum

You are free to ask any beginner's question in any subsection of the forum...

Daniel Fuchs

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Hi All Forum users,
I agree with Fred...a total beginner lesson would be great...just got my Babyface and know absolutely nothing about recording,  just tried to plug a guitar in and make a sound on a new Logic session and then thought id try my I pod through the right hand jack, i'm not embarrassed to say I couldn't even register a signal at all on a new Logic session any basic help to get me up and running would be awesome. This is pretty basic, but any help /pointers welcome.