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Topic: Digicheck mac & '2nd Monitor' in TotalMix FX

Totalmix FX is the centerpiece in my studio, for routing, cue-mixes, etc - it's really fantastic and so flexible!

I'm also using the Totalyser every day, via the AES lines, where the output feeds my Benchmark D/A and the input via loopback the Totalyser.  When using the '2nd Monitor' feature in TMFX, the totalyser obviously doesn't get a signal and I wish i could have back the AES input for an additional converter.

Is there - or will there be - a way to configure Digicheck, so it somehow 'taps' the data-stream without the need for the loopback-function? More than one input for the Totalyser would also be great (so you still get metering when switching to the 2nd Monitor).

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RayDAT+TCO #22819966 Rev.16/Driver 4.15/TMFX 1.64/MP5,1 12-core 3,46GHz/MacOS 10.14.6/Logic 10.5


Re: Digicheck mac & '2nd Monitor' in TotalMix FX

Indeed when using Speaker B, Loopback of Mains should stay active and continue to work. Unfortunately Speaker B was a feature that we added long after the basic concept of TotalMix FX had been drawn up, and  therefore Loopback can not be made work differently than it works now.

There is a workaround though, that you might have overlooked: You use the RayDAT and therefore have a lot of channels, and maybe one unused channel pair. Mirror the Mains output to that hardware output channel pair and activate Loopback. This output will always be identical to Mains, and also work when Speaker B is activated.

The direct access to data streams (playback..) under OS X is still on our list, but not easy to implement and therefore needs more time.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Digicheck mac & '2nd Monitor' in TotalMix FX

thanks for your quick answer - great to hear that digicheck osx will possibly be updated, i always wondered what 'hardware level' in the driver config means ..

as for mirrowing the output - yes i tried, but all my i/o, including the spdif are in use and i would need something that can stay permanently assigned to digicheck - like assignable, floating virtual channels or aux busses, which would be perfect for something like that.

thanks again!

RayDAT+TCO #22819966 Rev.16/Driver 4.15/TMFX 1.64/MP5,1 12-core 3,46GHz/MacOS 10.14.6/Logic 10.5