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Topic: Casading of two RME Digifaces in order to record 48 tracks simultan


I want cascade my two RME Digifabes in order to record 48 tracks simultaneous. I synchronize the two Digifaces via Wordclock.

Operating System: Ubuntu Studio 15.10 Wily Werewolf, 64-bit version

DAW: Ardour 4

The HDSP control-Software and the HDSP-Mixer works very well, I can see both Digifaces and have access. I can do the settings on the Digifaces.

But I can't see the second Digiface in Ardour, when I select the Inputs. I see only the first Digiface with the 24 Inputs and Input 25 and 26 (Spdif Stereo).

I have read about the .asoundrc-file in order to aggregate the twao Digifaces to a big "double-digiface". I have make so a .asoundrc-file, you can further down
but it don't work. I cant see the second Digiface in Ardor and in Jack-Control.

I have copied by root-rights this file in the home-directory of the audio-user.

After this expierience of no-function, I hafe remove this file from the computer.

I'm not ao programmer or software-engeneer, who can help me in oder to reach the aim to cascade the two digifaces in order to record 48 tracks.

Here the .asoundrc-file, what is wrong ?

Or I neet an other solution for this problem?

In my opinion have the impression, this is a software-problem.

Kind Regards


# Agregation of two RME-Digifaces to a "fake" Interface in order to use 48 Input-Channels".
# 0 [DSP            ]: H-DSP - Hammerfall DSP
#                      RME Hammerfall DSP + Digiface at 0xf7e00000, irq 17 PCI-Expresscard via PCIle-slot
# 1 [PCH            ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH                 Internal soundcard, not used for recordimg
#                      HDA Intel PCH at 0xf7f00000 irq 28
# 2 [DSP_1          ]: H-DSP - Hammerfall DSP
#                      RME Hammerfall DSP + Digiface at 0xf5400000, irq 16  PCI-PCMCIA-Karte via PCI slot

#   card1: Channel 1-26   PCI-Express                   
#   card2: Channel 27-52  PCI

pcm_slave.rme_digiface_s {
    pcm digiface_0
pcm.rme_digiface_1 {
    type hw
    card 2
ctl.rme_digiface_1 {
    type hw
    card 1
pcm.rme_digiface_0 {
    type hw
    card 0
ctl.rme_digiface_0 {
    type hw
    card 0
ctl.rme_digiface_52 {
    type hw
    card 0
pcm.rme_digiface_52 {
    type multi;
    slaves.a.pcm rme_digiface_0;
    slaves.a.channels 26;
    slaves.b.pcm rme_digiface_1;
    slaves.b.channels 26;
    bindings.0.slave a;
    bindings.0.channel 0;
    bindings.1.slave a;
    bindings.1.channel 1;
    bindings.2.slave a;
    bindings.2.channel 2;
    bindings.3.slave a;
    bindings.3.channel 3;
    bindings.4.slave a;
    bindings.4.channel 4;
    bindings.5.slave a;
    bindings.5.channel 5;
    bindings.6.slave a;
    bindings.6.channel 6;
    bindings.7.slave a;
    bindings.7.channel 7;
    bindings.8.slave a;
    bindings.8.channel 8;
    bindings.9.slave a;
    bindings.9.channel 9;
    bindings.10.slave a;
    bindings.10.channel 10;
    bindings.11.slave a;
    bindings.11.channel 11;
    bindings.12.slave a;
    bindings.12.channel 12;
    bindings.13.slave a;
    bindings.13.channel 13;
    bindings.14.slave a;
    bindings.14.channel 14;
    bindings.15.slave a;
    bindings.15.channel 15;
    bindings.16.slave a;
    bindings.16.channel 16;
    bindings.17.slave a;
    bindings.17.channel 17;
    bindings.18.slave a;
    bindings.18.channel 18;
    bindings.19.slave a;
    bindings.19.channel 19;
    bindings.20.slave a;
    bindings.20.channel 20;
    bindings.21.slave a;
    bindings.21.channel 21;
    bindings.22.slave a;
    bindings.22.channel 22;
    bindings.23.slave a;
    bindings.23.channel 23;
    bindings.24.slave a;
    bindings.24.channel 24;
    bindings.25.slave a;
    bindings.25.channel 25;   

# Use rme_digiface_1

    bindings.26.slave b;
    bindings.26.channel 26;
    bindings.27.slave b;
    bindings.27.channel 27;
    bindings.28.slave b;
    bindings.28.channel 28;
    bindings.29.slave b;
    bindings.29.channel 29;
    bindings.30.slave b;
    bindings.30.channel 30;
    bindings.31.slave b;
    bindings.31.channel 31;
    bindings.32.slave b;
    bindings.32.channel 32;
    bindings.33.slave b;
    bindings.33.channel 33;
    bindings.34.slave b;
    bindings.34.channel 34;
    bindings.35.slave b;
    bindings.35.channel 35;
    bindings.36.slave b;
    bindings.36.channel 36;
    bindings.37.slave b;
    bindings.37.channel 37;
    bindings.38.slave b;
    bindings.38.channel 38;
    bindings.39.slave b;
    bindings.39.channel 39;
    bindings.40.slave b;
    bindings.40.channel 40;
    bindings.41.slave b;
    bindings.41.channel 41;
    bindings.42.slave b;
    bindings.42.channel 42;
    bindings.43.slave b;
    bindings.43.channel 43;
    bindings.44.slave b;
    bindings.44.channel 44;
    bindings.45.slave b;
    bindings.45.channel 45;
    bindings.46.slave b;
    bindings.46.channel 46;
    bindings.47.slave b;
    bindings.47.channel 47;
    bindings.48.slave b;
    bindings.48.channel 48;
    bindings.49.slave b;
    bindings.49.channel 49;
    bindings.50.slave b;
    bindings.50.channel 50;
    bindings.51.slave b;
    bindings.51.channel 51;
    bindings.52.slave b;
    bindings.52.channel 52;
    bindings.53.slave b;
    bindings.53.channel 53;