Topic: windows audio player on digicheck 5.81

im not expert and very "fresh" buying and working with rme hdspe raydat (driver v4.15) and digicheck v5.81.

my problem is:

I can not see the audio output of windows media player on DIGICheck, I can feel audio from wmp to the monitors, ok, but i can't see it on DIGICheck.
cubase feels ok on monitors and displays properly on d.c. in the same time with asio hammerfall, no problems with both.
it's possibile to view in realtime the output of WMP on DIGICheck v5.81?
This problem also happens with another player "foobar2000", it is likely to DIGICheck not accept the windows primary driver input that is used by default by WMP and foobar ?
maybe d.c. works only with asio hammerfall, not with primary windows driver?
digicheck input device option is set always to adat 9-10 in source-playback, this setting works ok for cubase.
in foobar I can also select and use the asio hammerfall driver (with adat 9-10 output) insted of "ds:primarysounddriver", so in this way now i can see foobar output on DIGICheck!..but there is no more sound from monitors! hmm

foobar primarysounddriver: sound yes/ digicheck no
foobar asio hdsp: sound no / digicheck yes

another thing is that i work with cubase at 48-24 but i listen music on wmp and foobar at 44-16, maybe this cause the problem?

thanks for help me and suggestions.


Re: windows audio player on digicheck 5.81

DIGIcheck will show any playback device, WDM (Direct Sound, WASAPI) and ASIO that uses the RayDAT. If you cannot see Media player's playback, but hear it through a RayDAT output, while no other audio software is active, then some setting somewhere seems to be wrong.

Matthias Carstens

Re: windows audio player on digicheck 5.81

i have no idea what setting is wrong, fresh new installed windows 10 x64pro with no tweaks. installed only rme driver+digicheck+cubase+foobar2000, no any other program. Please mc, you can give me some guidance? wmp have no setting about, or am i wrong? thanks

Re: windows audio player on digicheck 5.81

I am currently listening to the output of Musicbee player. There I used in the past the RME ASIO driver,
this time I choosed Windows WASAPI player.

All that is required to configure in Digicheck is in the input device setup (F3):
the proper ASIO driver: ASIO Hammerfall DSP
Device: HDSP RayDAT
Channel (in my Case AES as I connected digital monitors): AES L and AES R
Source: Playback

Thats all.

BR Ramses - UFX III, 12Mic, XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS R BE, RayDAT, X10SRi-F, E5-1680v4, Win10Pro22H2, Cub13

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Re: windows audio player on digicheck 5.81

thanks ramses, your digicheck setting are the same mine, but my monitors are connected to tc-bmc2 in "adat 3" of the raydat. i am going to check if the problem is in the routing of totalmix. cubase is set to output 9-10 and i can listen sound and see it on digicheck.