Topic: Digiface Problem after suspend

Hey there,

I have problems using my Digiface after a suspend. I have no sound anymore. I using the combination of Cadence and the HDSPMixer.
It does not matter if I use ALSA>JACK or ALSA>PULSE>JACK.
Cadence and Pulseaudio seems to be working. Within the Cadence Toolbox, I can "see" sound with the help of the level-meter. In (e.g.) VLC I have also no problems to choose/use the "Jack sink" device. But there is no sound within the HDSPMixer anymore.
(I have to start hdspmixer after every reboot to hear the sound (and cadence do the routing stuff automatically).)

I restart Cadence, the workaround and HDSPMixer - nothing happens. The one and only alternative is to restart the computer.
I also tried to restart Pulseaudio.
A "rmmod snd_hdsp" doesn't work: "rmmod: ERROR: Module snd_hdsp is in use"

It seems to be a broken connection between Cadence/Jack and HDSPMixer ... or something like that.

Any hints?

Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit
RME Digiface
everything's up-to-date (jack, cadence, pulseaudio)

Thanks so far ...