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Topic: Adi-2 Pro - If you can add some EQ presets officially?

First of all, Adi-2 Pro is the pro set for music producers in the world. But for the customers who just for listening usage, IMHO your company should release some EQ presets officially eg. pop, rock,... etc. in your next firmware update. About the manual of Adi-2 Pro, the quantity of personal EQ seems too plentiful for the beginners but have no guidance for them. Also based your yearly professional experience, the EQ presets by you maybe the best reference for the rookies and hi-fi lovers. It's FUN!

Or post EQ parameters options recommended by you in the forum.

This is my suggest.


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Re: Adi-2 Pro - If you can add some EQ presets officially?

So you buy a high end DA converter to listen to Music in highest quality to require then of all sudden
EQ settings for POP and ROCK, as if the music material couldn't stand for its own in terms of quality ?!

Based on this logic you simply pump a mix through a mastering black box with a few buttons on it:
pop, rock and voila, now you have your Master.

This sounds absolutely strange to me, as when you buy such a device then I would think of listening
in ultimate quality.

Having POP and Rock presets sounds ugly and CHEAP to me.

That is Winamp for mp3 with low quality devices in the listening chain, where you required such
tricks to make a thin sound becoming a bit bigger.

But for such a device ... hmmm .. no, not for me.

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