Topic: Main Phones out 3/4

If i right understand user manual additional front phones outs 1/2 shared same signal path from 4490 chip like back main XLR or TRC outputs.
But MAIN front phones out 3/4 powered by separate DAC chip. What dac chip is used for this?

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Re: Main Phones out 3/4

Same one. 4490.

"Output Phones 3/4
As Output Phones 1/2, but:
• Output levels at 0 dBFS: Hi-Power off +7 dBu, Hi-Power On +22 dBu"

"The DAC chips built into the ADI-2 Pro are none lesser than those from the Japanese high-end brand Asahi Kasei Microdevices. RME treats us with two dual chipsets of Verita AK4490. "