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Topic: ADI-2 PRO DC jack

I'm enjoying the ADI-2 Pro's ability to be battery powered these last weeks, that's really big plus.

I could easily spot a rather cheap LiPo 12v that works flawlessly (even if the RME is quite demanding in terms of power consumption, but that's totally comprehensible given the hi end profile of the device).

The only issue I'm having is finding the right plug.. The straight DC jack that comes with my battery is working but today I got an angled DC plug that would fit my needs much better (in fact I had to force the straight one to bend it..), the power cable I soldered out of the angled jack i got works but it's a bit loose and it can fail at some movement.

I've been searching everywhere on the internet for an angled power jack to terminals 6.3 mm without success, it seems that the inner diameter is more often reported than the external and I'm not sure if there's just one type of 6.3 mm plug.
Generally, the angled connectors I see seem too short.
Also, I've been looking for a 6.3 mm plug lockable with no success, I guess if I could spot one I'd be able to modify it to get it angled or pseudo-angled. And it would stay in place much much better.
The AKKUK cales available on the RME website doesn't seem to be lockable, and the ADI-2 Pro is in fact not listed as a compatible device.
As for now the only option I could find would be to buy a NT-RME-2 (lockable) and cut the plug, but it doesn't make much sense:)

There's really a mess of offers when it comes to DC plugs, unlike other connector's standards..

I guess the very best fo me would be to find a lockable angled connector but well. I guess I'd have to forge it myself:)

Any suggestion of where to look? I'm based in Europe.


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any advice?

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The ADI-2 PRO uses a DC plug 5.5/2.1 mm with locking.

Like this:
http://www.bkl-electronic.de/dc-steckve … __store=en

Warm regards,
Bernhard Rother

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Available here:
https://www.conrad.de/de/niedervolt-ste … 37907.html

I can not guarantee anything but worth a try. I hope it helps.

Warm regards,
Bernhard Rother


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Thanks for these two links, much appreciated! From the data sheet I can already confirm that this is the correct and matching connector.

Matthias Carstens

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hey bejoro, thanks ! I've been looking for this forever!