Topic: Too hot in summer?


got the ADi-2 Pro and i am really happy with this unit, but it gets really warm after a while. I read the Thread below about getting hot.
Maybe I got a different question. What happened if the weather outside is too hot (summer:35°), that the metal of the unit cannot cool it?
And, would it go better cool with the RME ADI-2 Pro Anniversary Edition?

Thx for reply

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Re: Too hot in summer?

I'd say dont worry, to transport the warms out of the case was the primary intention.

Aluminium can further transport heat to the outside, most likely better than glass or plastic.

At the end it won't matter much I think, RME will have taken this all into consideration.

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Re: Too hot in summer?

Exactly. These units had been heated up externally so that the metal got so hot you could fry eggs on it...doesn't change a thing (but yummy...). wink

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