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Topic: AD Conversion (DSD) noise

I have a question about AD Conversion.
I record it in DSD.
The noise such as the photograph comes out when I set AD Conversion in DSD.
How can I delete this?
This phenomenon does not happen in PCM...
Is my setting wrong?
Thank you.

Re: AD Conversion (DSD) noise

This is a (harmless) DC component, not "noise" as such. Nothing to worry about.

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: AD Conversion (DSD) noise

Thank you for an answer!

However, I have been troubled one more.
When there is not an input signal, a level meter reacts.
Besides, a value is big..
I upload DSD (DS-DAC-10R) data of PCM (ADI-2 Pro) and KORG for comparisons.
Can I not lower this level?



Re: AD Conversion (DSD) noise

The DC part comes from the AD chip itself and - as is the case with DSD - there is no way to process or change that data.

Matthias Carstens

Re: AD Conversion (DSD) noise

Thank you for the description of the phenomenon.
Oh, is this a character of the AD converter?
Then there is not a way...
Thank you.