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I'm looking at purchasing a new computer.

My interface is FF802 via usb and I use cubase 8.0 with Waves plugins. I also have an MR816 and an Onyx 800R. I use both of these via ADAT to increase my mic inputs as I record bands.

Here's a couple I'm looking at: … 42463.html

Any other suggestions would be welcome. Trying to stay under $1200.

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Re: New computer choices

For recording you usually look for a silent pc. Are these silent PC's ? I have my doubts.

How many user data do you have already ?

Do you use virtual instruments ? Superior Drummer 3.x requires already 260GB diskspace alone.

If you record bands then you might require a more portable solution, laptop ?!

You should use a SSD, where at least the Operating System, Programs and sample libraries fit onto.
Something like an Samsung EVO with i.e. 512GB better 1TB.
And then eventually an additional Harddisk of 2-3TB size for user and bulk data ...

You need to plan for backup / recovery:
Internal Backup Disk for speed ... if you would have 1TB SSD and 3TB harddisk, I would take a 4-6 TB internal disk.
And the same size as an external USB 3.1 gen2 disk.
For performing backups I can recommend Macrium Reflect.

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Re: New computer choices

I am also looking for a new desktop computer in Europe.
Would you recommend any ?
I looked here: