Topic: madiface XT, high sierra, audio problems

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help on this.

I have been experiencing a lot of problems with the MacBook Pro touch bar late 2016 and my madiface xt. Both the 15" and 13" models. USB-C with adapters to USB3 on both.

It was so bad to the point where we were only using the windows surface books for recording as the mac's had such problems.

Tracks live audio engine kept restarting and for recording this is a massive problem. This also happened in Q Lab 4 on playback.

We record from Digico SD and Midas pro series consoles via madi. All clocked correctly and with sample rates matching.

I updated to high Sierra and the problem is massively less but I have noticed that it is still happening a small amount.

Is there any settings that can rid this problem? It seems so strange that it has been going on for so long now and essentially it seems to be unfixable. I much prefer working with Mac to windows!



Re: madiface XT, high sierra, audio problems

It's not unfixable, but unfortunately we all have to wait for Apple to fix this completely. High Sierra was a big step forward. You now might try the usual (old) tips on computer optimization, like disabling Bluetooth, WiFi and network to see if it helps further.

Matthias Carstens

Re: madiface XT, high sierra, audio problems

Yes I have noticed that now the 15" has a better performance than the 13", probably processor power helping this problem.
There was a rumour that a dock which utilised the thunderbolt 3 capability of USB-C and then converting to usb 3 would circumnavigate this.
There was one by OWC, a thunderbolt 3 dock. Has anyone had any experience with this? Does it stop the problem?
Pretty expensive at around £300 so not wanting to take a punt really.