Topic: HDSP 9632 Ubuntu studio 16.04 can't use analog out

Hi everybody,

I've got a kind of strange problem here.

I've installed Ubuntu Studio 16.04, and install all the Alsa utilities correctly (I think). When I'm looking at the HDSP mixer, I can see that sound is going through the Playback  tracks (the out 1 to 8). But nothing going out to the Analog 1 and 2.

In the PulseAudio control, I can see RME Hammerfall DSP card, but the only profiles I can choose are like Multichanel Duplex (in and out).

In fact I think it used like a home Cinema device, And I can't turn it back like a configurable sound cart.

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: HDSP 9632 Ubuntu studio 16.04 can't use analog out

Hi Thomas,
I use to use HDSP 9632 under several Linux multimedia distributions - there are two issues:

  • It's always necessary to open HDSP mixer to make analogue outputs work. Just to open it, that's enough. I have no idea why... ;-)

  • As far as I have experienced, UbuntuStudio is a difficult distribution for audio work, especially 16.04, at least when I use JACK. I don't know why. On my systems AVLinux works better - and even much better and more reliable (by far) is LibraZiK Studio, also based on Debian. I would very much recommend the latter one.