Topic: Passive monitor controller for HDSPe AIO

Hello everyone,

I'm starting to realize I might make use of passive monitor controller to be put in path between HDSPe AIO and Eris E8 monitors,
reasons are few:

1) be able to control volume without need to use totalmix fx (for ex. on locked screen, running fullscreen app etc..)
2) be able to mute the signal (particularly when turning on/off the PC, as the AIO kicks in very loud click in monitors)
so far my research narrowed down these 3 "budget" products (sorted by price from low to high):

Swissonic M-Control

JBL Nano Patch Plus

Mackie Big Knob Passive

I have no problems to solder cables&connectors myself, so variety in XLR/TRS IO is not an issue,
also, by the moment, I don't need multiple I/O as I don't like/need mixing on headphones or another set of monitors

which monitor controller would you pick, and why?
thanks in advance

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Re: Passive monitor controller for HDSPe AIO

I have the TC level pilot and like it.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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Re: Passive monitor controller for HDSPe AIO

They all use 4x10k pots. No real difference except for the extra buttons.

Matthias Carstens