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Topic: Embedding ADAT Output from Babyface Pro into HDMI?

Does anybody know the equipment needed to embed / insert an 8 channel ADAT Output from the Babyface Pro into a HDMI cable (along with a separate HDMI video source).

Seen a number of embedders but most seem to be 2 channel SPDIF only. A lot also say they support Dolby 7.1 / LPCM .7.1.  Not really sure what this is or what the process would be converting ADAT 8 channel > Dolby 7.1.

Edit: So I know now how to add a 7.1 Dolby or 7.1 LPCM audio to HDMI video. Does anybody know any equipment that converts 8 channel ADAT TOSLINK to LPCM 7.1