Topic: Octamic XTC - Class Compliant?

Anyone have any luck getting ALSA to see the Octamic XTC?  The manual states USB 2.0 Class Compliance, so I was hopeful.

Unfortunately, I'm only able to send audio, which can be monitored on play 1/2 via phones so that worked like a champ.

But I cannot figure out how to get ALSA to see the receive I/O channels.  alsa-mixer just says, "This sound device does not have any capture controls"

OS X is plug and play, and all of the channels were visible.

Re: Octamic XTC - Class Compliant?

Quick answer:  Yes, very much so.

Long answer:  Linux is not the easiest place to be working with sound!  Install JACK, and it will work with ALSA to get the capture channels which can then be used by sound apps like Audacity.