Topic: Diver installation instructions, some minor comments

Babyface Pro, latest non-beta drivers.

I can't say I have a lot of troubles installing the software, but still there was a bit of inconvenience. Some people don't read the instructions and it will not hurt to count them in. Some people (like myself) read them partially. So, may I suggest to mention it in the installer messages to a) plug in the device, b) restart.

I happen to do a double install a couple of times, because I first installed the drivers, then plugged in the device, did not see TotalMix and Settings icons in the tray, installed the drivers again, still no icons, then reboot - we fine since then. Also I was "sure" I've read the instructions. So, pdf instructions. I like how clear it is regarding the ADI-2 DAC: download, unzip, install, connect, reboot - great.

Babyface Pro pdf: page 12, hardware installation:

"To simplify installation it is recommended to first install the drivers before the unit is connected
to the computer. But it will also work the other way round."

I don't appreciate this passage at all. It is either there IS a certain order or just no, or just don't say anything if so. A bit confusing. Also after seeing this I assumed that that is all about the driver installation and so I did not notice the other driver instructions below.