Topic: Fedora and Adi2 Pro AE - Thank You RME :-)

Since few years I'm a happy Linux user who use Linux to save LPs with 24/192 on the harddisk, listen them with Audacious via a "low cost" E-MU 0404

Since month I'm building a new desk for two record  players and between a gap was to fill ... and what else than this amazing Adi2 Pro AE should be there.
That this device is USB compliant makes it easy to buy and since nearly 2 weeks it plays here very well.

The died CD Player T+A CD 1220R is no longer a lost.. the Adi2 makes it better.
Several CDs are ripped to the HDD and it's fantastic how the Adi2 Pro convert the sound back into the anlogue world

Good job RME, thank you :-))))))

*SCNR* wink

adi2 Pro AE User