Topic: UFX Ubuntu connection

Hello. I have an UFX and the UbuntuStudio (16.04.4) in a VirtualBox with Windows as a host. I made the driver and firmware updates for Windows and it's fine. But in Linux, even with CC on, it's failing. On Jack setup I choose alsa driver and if the usb cab is connected I find the hd ufx as option in Interface, but without the cab it's not present. The use of CC, as I understand, is wireless. I also test with USB wireless (that used for mouse with notepad) - nothing. The manual refers about firmware update (21 or up) but as on the site there's only Windows and Mac versions I conclude that no one download for Linux is necessary. So what more beside the firmware update (in my case it's on the host) and CC on is necessary?


Re: UFX Ubuntu connection

I'm not sure how you got the idea that the UFX could be run without cable.... CC mode is not "wireless". Please connect the USB cable.

Daniel Fuchs