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I had posted this in an alternate subforum, but I'm not sure if it was the correct one, so I figured I would try here instead.

Hello, I have recently ordered a Fireface UFX+ and will be building a pc to use it with. I was considering the combination of the ASUS Prime Z370 A motherboard with 8700k cpu and the Thunderbolt EX3 card for use with the ufx+ via a Startech thunderbolt adapter. Before purchasing, I figured it would be a good idea to ask if this would be a suitable choice for good low latency performance, as it seems the specific specs of the computer can have a large impact. Any thoughts?
(I will be using Windows 10 and REAPER by the way)
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RTT values that you can expect see excel table in this blog article … 8-RME-UFX/

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Thank you, that link was quite helpful regarding low latency performance, but I was also wondering about thunderbolt compatibility with my specific motherboard choice from my first post. I am aware that certain usb chipsets can cause problems, and I was wondering whether this is also the case with thunderbolt 3 and the adapters. Is anyone running a similar setup?

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So, is anyone using this specific combination, or any Z370 boards successfully with the UFX+ over thunderbolt? If so, please state which ones. I just want to avoid any issues with the mainboard's thunderbolt implementation before buying.

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While I cannot speak to your direct model, I am using the 18month older Z270 ASUS board with thunderbolt 3 and the Startech adapter for the UFX+ thunderbolt 2.  I have found nothing in my configuration that hinders any performance in the thunderbolt connectivity and in fact, just a few bios settings and the connection lock in nearly instantly.  Make sure you drivers are fully updated as well as firmware.  The startup of anything in my computer and RME UFX+ could not be any better in my opinion and likely the simplest part of my studio

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