Topic: Driver hdsp 9632 Pci in Virtual Box

In this day I try to run a Windows 7 in Virtual Box (Oracle) but the hardware of the hdsp 9632 is not recognized. So no drivers. Looking into the Virtual Box audio settings, the sound card does not appear, because (I believe) it is already active on the operating system it hosts. So you would have to create a kind of "simulation" software for the drivers, or disable the drivers in the operating system that hosts to make them work in the guest operating system. Is there anyone who has managed to solve this problem? Thank you.

Re: Driver hdsp 9632 Pci in Virtual Box

The virtualization layers between Virtualization host and guest do not cover all drivers.
Running a DAW on a VM is anyway a bad idea.
All that you want is to run at highest speed on bare metal, all other is complete crap.

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