Topic: Totalmix Remote not working

Hi Fellas.

I am suddenly checking out Totalmix Remote for live use (mixing myself on stage) but without success so far.

- Network Remote settings on MacBook CHECK
- IP-adress and host number on iPad mini CHECK
- UCX firmware v47
- Driver v3.08
- MacOS 10.13.6 on Macbook Pro
- OS
- I did create a new network from the mac, just between the Mac and the iPad, and I suggest that should be a bullett proof solution ...

No luck so far.

Thankful for advice and tips out there. Greeting from the North of Norway

Re: Totalmix Remote not working

me too. after opening the app on the iPad, it says for 4 seconds connected, then no access. (it shows the rme interface i would like to get connected with, ie HDSPe MADI).
High sierra 10,13,6. IOS 12.1.1 no firewall, mac pro 5.1 quad core.

Re: Totalmix Remote not working

one hour later: Sometimes it works sometimes not. Even if it says connected only the output row faders will move.
Seems it was helpful to delete the app and reinstall it. If it works its incredible! But lets see...i am working on RME gear because their stuff is WORKING, wont hope this app will scratch on the "rock solid" status RME has. I think checking "Enable User Management" is useful too, but it shouldn't be necessary, right?
wonky enough, i didn't do anything different, just restarting computer and reinstall the app. I don't like such behavior, makes me superstitious.

Re: Totalmix Remote not working

Have you tried restarting the router?

Last time I saw a similar problem (not with RME's remote control) it was a bug in the router. It seemed to drop UDP connections on the internal networks after a while.

Re: Totalmix Remote not working

Hi there. Has anyone came to a solution on this issue? I’m facing the same thing but I’m on iMac and also using an iPad with TotalMix Remote. I’ve managed to connect it and it now says no access. Not sure what to do anymore as all the setting seem to be as they should. Any help would be great thanks

Re: Totalmix Remote not working

I have the same problem:
When I startup the iPad App it says "Connected" for a second or two then changes to "NO ACCESS" This is really frustrating!!

FYI-I also set up a small dedicated wireless router so as to avoid any issues with my regular household wireless system