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Iā€™m using the hdsp 9632 and the AO4S-192  for my home theater 5.1, I would like to upgrade to 7.1 system adding 2 output channels, how can I do? Which is the best way?
For example,
1) 9632 >> spidf out >> dac D/A 2 ch
2) 9632 >> adat >> dac rme adi-2
3) another 9632

Thanks for your help and sorry for the broken english.

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Re: Best way to upgrade 7.1 ch

EDITED: pls re-read.

How is the cabling exactly ? Can you pls link to such a solution ?

If you should need 8 analog outputs, then I would recommend to get one RME device with 8 analog I/O.
Reason: routing between input and output channels is only possible within the same TotalMix FX instance.

Also: less devices, less complexity.

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Re: Best way to upgrade 7.1 ch

Thanks for the answer, your solution is correct but it's expensive. Moreover I think I didn't express myself in a good way; I need 8 analog OUT because I want to bi-amplify the front speakers.

This is my cabling:
The circled part is the one I want to extend.
I think that routing on the channels adat7/8 (or spidf) it could work, within the same TotalMix FX instance, could it?

Sorry again for the english, I hope to be understandable.

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how about RME ADI-8? you get 8 channels line outs via adat from your 9632, all sync'ed properly including the DA conversion accuracy,

also notice if you make fader group in TotalMix FX (of which one pair is defined master), you can adjust all joint channels simultaneously on hardware level (RME ARC USB for ex.) very easily wink

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Re: Best way to upgrade 7.1 ch

The application is home theater, consumer 5.1 surround sound. You are also adding DSP active 2-way crossovers to the front left and front right. This is not 7.1 surround.

You are already using the RME HDSP 9632, which gets you RME's excellent drivers.  And you have added the RME AO4S-192 expansion card, for a current total of six channels of analog output.

While I certainly advocate RME's excellent products, I do not think that you will make good use of premium DA conversion on subwoofers and on home theater rear surround satellite loudspeakers. For this application, I would suggest increasing channel count by adding a (roughly $200) Behringer ADA8200 eight channel ADAT connected AD/DA converter. Avoid the older ADA8000.

Use the excellent RME DA converters (that you already have) to feed the front loudspeakers. That includes the front center, front left, front right, and the two bass bins added by the DSP active 2-way crossovers. That is five channels from the available six, leaving one spare.  Maybe later you can use that one spare channel to add woofers to the front center.

Use that ADA8200 for the rear left and rear right surround channels, and for the LFE (low frequency effects) subwoofer channel. That is using three channels from the available eight, leaving five spares. Later you might use it to add more surround channels and/or to add more individually equalized subwoofer channels, or maybe add some tactile transducers.  According to a review at Sound on Sound, the measured high pass corner frequency on the ADA8200 is -3_dB at 6_Hz, well suited to use with the LFE.

Route the digital audio with TotalMix.  Maybe use TotalMix Remote to remotely activate/deactivate mute and adjust level.

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Thank you everyone.
I solved the problem buying a cheap DAC connected by SPID with my 9632 to manage the 2 surround channels.
Now, I have available 2 channels D/A RME to manage   bi-amplify the front speakers.